Our Investment Strategy is a valuable asset to UNIBIN and its strength is a differentiator which will ensure that UNIBIN will be simpler and stronger, deploying a strong balance sheet in support of an origination-led investment strategy focusing on higher-quality, higher-returning investment opportunities.


Our business markets will predominantly focus on standard, liquid products where we already have scale and market-leading execution capability, and we will divert capital away from capital-intensive or leverage-intensive businesses with high balance sheet usage and low returns.


Our strategy is to invest in areas where we have a strong and improving track record, and focus resources on key areas. We will also focus on our Middle Eastern operations on global, rather than local, business.


Energy Investments

As part of our investment strategy, we look at energy related opportunities, we then design and put together solid transactions by building relevant investable structures, vehicles and opportunities for our clients. 


We explore new opportunities including the development of new energy sources such as renewable energy and green energy.


We specialise in the macro-level of the energy industry; we are also involved in natural resources and metals.


UNIBIN is currently investing and partnering in major Middle Eastern countries with global on-shore and off-shore explorations sites.

As a subsidurary of UNIBIN we have SOA Energy which is an independent oil and gas company covering the Middle-East.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Up-Stream

  • Down-Stream

  • Green Energy

  • Renewable Energy


Capital Investments

UNIBIN Group is also a professional consultancy and investment company, we mainly invest in energy           up-stream projects, and have our own in-house professional team including geologists, geophysicist, analysts, risk managers, drilling managers and project managers. We tailor made our own projects and we also use third party advisors and partners when needed.  

We are also involved with other projects including real-estate, aviation and technology.